Trail Adopters: Signing Up for Trailforks + Trail Notifications

Creating an Account

1. Go to
2. Click on “login
3. Click on “Sign Up.”
4. Create your account.

– After you create the account, you will most likely need to confirm it by clicking a link in your email. Then, you should be set to go!

Signing Up for Trail Report Notifications

1. After your account is created, you can sign-up for trail notifications. There are many ways to get to the trail you adopted….
– I recommend clicking on the links from our website, or you can….
– Search for the area the trail is in – Arcadia, Burlingame, George Washington, etc. and zoom in on the map.
– Search for the trail name (caution – longer trails will have sections with different names across the length of it).
– You can also choose not to get email notifications and just check Trailforks at your leisure.
2. When looking at the map, click on the section you have adopted.
– (Most of the links from the website are for showing the whole route of a trail).
3. In the pop-up box, click ‘View Trail.’
– (You have to click each section of trail to be able to subscribe to it. By clicking ‘View Trail,’ you are opening that specific section which will contain a ‘subscribe’ link.)
4. Scroll all the way down to the bottom. Click “Subscribe.”
5. Choose your preferences for what email notifications you would like to receive. I clicked ‘Check All.’

You will then get an email with a link to any reports or comments posted on Trailforks to this section of trail based on your preferences. If this is only one small segment of your trail, repeat these steps for each segment of trail you have adopted.

Become a Trail Reporter in Trailforks

Want your trail reports and work to be credited to the Narragansett Chapter? Send us your username and we can add you to our list of volunteers. AMC Narr will be added to your profile and each of your reports will include that insignia. We can also have you designated as an official ‘Trail Reporter.’

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